Snap The Gap

Dashawn Jordan

Snap The Gap presented by Supra went down outside the Agenda Trade Show on Wednesday. It was a tricks-for-cash contest, with $2500 in cash being given out. Tricks were done over a a replica street gap that CA Skateparks built outside the Long Beach Convention Center.

With the distance of the gap set at 8-feet, the contest got under way. Skaters started charging the gap, every trick landed by someone earned some cash.

Dane Vaughn

After a good twenty or so minutes, a lot of cash was given out and it was time to start the longest ollie part of the contest started. The was widen to 12-feet, then 14-feet, then 15-feet. When it got to 16-feet, only two skaters were able to clear it, Quel Haddox and Dashawn Jordan.

Transworlds Top 5
These skaters score an extra $100 each ontop of of the cash they already grab for the tricks they landed.
1. Dane Vaughn: Frontside flip, kickflip nose manual, switch backside heelflip, switch inward heelflip, nollie 360 flip, kickflip manual 180 out, 14-foot kickflip.
2. TJ Rogers: Switch bigspin, switch frontside 360, nollie backside heelflip, nollie heelflip.
3. Nick Merlino: Switch kickflip, nollie kickflip.
4. Blake Carpenter: Switch 360 flip first try.
5. Mason Silva: Backside 360 ollie.

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