8 Year Old Snowboarder - Alyssa Moroco

Alyssa Moroco is only 8 years old, but this fearless little grom is already charging the snowboard parks. Alyssa started skiing when she was just 3 years old. She switched to snowboarding a year later, and now at 8 years old, she has already won several contests. Check out her latest edit.

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Jeff Ho

Here's a new collection of recent surf photos of Jeff Ho. Taken at the Venice Beach Pier and Breakwater, Jeff's riding a couple of his legendary Zephyr surfboards.

“ The search for that adrenaline rush, whether it is going down a hill or riding a wave, keeps me going. It’s also about the search for the magic board, one that becomes an extension of your body. When you ride it, you can do no wrong.” - Jeff Ho, from the Glen E. Friedman book, My Rules.

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