LRO Wheelchair Rail Jam

Once again there was a Rail Jam at the end of Life Rolls On's They Will Skate Again event. But unlike last year's Rail Jam, which was an spur-of-the-moment session on one of the sketchiest makeshift ramps ever, this year a real ramp was brought out and it was made an official mini contest in the They Will Skate Again schedule of events for the day.

The contest was held in the standard jam format, where all the competitors just went when the wanted as many times as they felt like, and at the end, the judges would pick who had the best overall hits on the rail.

Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham's 180 over the rail was the trick that basically crowned him the contest's champ.

A ton more photos in the Rail Jam Photo Gallery.

Currently editing the video footage of the Rail Jam, it will be online soon, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updated on when it goes live. Last year's Rail Jam Video is on our channel.

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