R.I.P. Jay Adams

The Original Seed, the most influential figure in skateboarding, Jay Adams has passed away. If you're reading this blog, you pretty much know who Jay is. Only 53 years old, Jay was down in Mexico with his wife and kids, surfing everyday, when he suffered a heart attack last night.

“In contests, Jay was simply the most exciting skater to watch. He never skated the same run the same way twice. His routines were wickedly random yet exceedingly tight and beautiful to watch: he even invented tricks during his runs. I’ve never seen any skater destroy convention and expectation better. Watching him skate was something new every second– he was “skate and destroy” personified.” –Stacy Peralta

“I was a P.O.P. local from birth. The ORIGINAL MASCOT. My dad rented surfboards under the Northside of the pier. All the guards at the park used to let me in for free. FUCK Disneyland, I had P.O.P., surf and all. I surfed the cove with Mickey Dora before leashes were invented.” –Jay Adams

“He (Jay Adams) didn’t give a shit about money, and I don’t think that’s why he did it to begin with. He never was interested in any of the material rewards that came from skateboarding. I think that he just basically had a total Fuck You approach to the whole commercialism of skateboarding.” –Tony Alva .

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