Skate Your Ass Off Contest

UPDATE: Video of the contest is now online, click here.

The Go skate your Ass Off Contest took place at the Venice Skate Park on Go Skateboarding Day. It was a best trick and a "first-one-to-land-a-trick" type of contest, similar to last month's Jay Boy Classic Invitational Cash Grab , where a tricks are called out and the first to land each trick it wins the prize for that specific trick. Unlike the Jay Boy contest, this one wasn't held in the pool, it was held in different parts of the park's street section.

Once the contest officially began, all the skaters lined up ready to hit the first section. Eric Tuma Britton got on the microphone and started mc'ing the event, calling out a specific trick and the prize that the first person to land it will get. Hats, t-shirts, & skateboard parts were the prizes. But once Tuma announced the name of the first trick and its prize...

everyone started charging the steps to be the first to land the trick, which led to..

a lot of slams, near-misses, and a couple direct hits.

This crazy free-for-all was pretty fun to watch. And once someone nailed the trick, Tuma called out a new trick and everyone would start charging the steps again in order to be the first to land that one.

One of the girls from the Girls Demo joined in, Courtney Akita, from Silly Girl Skateboards, held her own in the contest, landing several flip tricks and...

missing some.

This went on for awhile, lots of tricks landed and prizes given out.

Then it was time to relocate to the next area,...
which was the handrail, where it became the best tricks win stuff part.

Grinds down the rail...

Kickflips over the rail...

and more.

There was also the occasional board that accidentally got shot into the crowd...

Luckily, thanks to the quick ninja-like reflexes of several of the spectators, no one got hit with a flyaway board.

Then over to the smaller rail and steps for the last part of the contest.

And this is Lance (on the right), from Venice Originals, who organized this contest.
Don't recall who won what, as way too many skaters winning stuff. Lance has it on his list though...

There's a good 100 photos in the Skate Your Ass Off Photo Gallery, couldn't put them all in this blog post. Check them out in the link below:

Video of the Skate Your Ass Off Contest has been uploaded. .

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Go Skate Day

Sunday, June 21, was International Go Skate Day. Venice Skate Park celebrated this day by hosting a Skate your Ass Off contest, raffles, product tosses, a Girls Bowl Demo and a row of vendor booths. Here's a collection of skate photos from International Go Skate Day at the skate park.

Haden Mckenna

Pauline Brannon

Joe Contraras

Hashtagging for free boards.

Haden Mckenna

B. Waters

Desmond Shepard

There's a lot more photos in the 2015 Go Skate Day Photo Gallery

Videos of Go Skate Day and the Skate Your Ass Off Contest will be up in a day or so, subscribe to our YouTube Channel .

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