Despicablimp Photobombing the US Open

The Dispicablimp watching Nat Young

During the 2013 U.S. Open Of Surfing, everyone was startled by the appearance of the Despicablimp. It pretty much appeared out of nowhere, and to many on the sand and in the surf stadium stands, it looked as if it was going to hit the pier.

As the Dispicablimp circled the pier a couple times, it was clear it was just the forced perspective that made the blimp look like it was so close. "About 1/2 mile out from the pier" was the distance Dispicablimp pilot Allen Judd says he was. "I knew if I kept low enough there would be some photographer out there that would realize what I was doing". what Allen was doing was creating a great photo opportunity, unfortunately on the blimps first pass, there just were no waves, but on the second time around, Nat Young got a wave and rode it just was the Dispicablimp was flying low enough behind him to make for a killer shot.

We won't be seeing the Dispicablimp at this year's Open, but Allen pilots blimps year round, so he might make another flyby.


Video: Wheelchair Rail Jam

As the Life Rolls On: They Will Skate Again event was coming to a close, a hardcore rail jam session broke out. These guys were just going all out.

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Wednesday Wipeouts: Ocean Park Surf Contest

Every Wednesday, a collection of the best and worst wipeouts that been caught by Six12 Media. These wipeouts were caught during the Ocean Park Surf Contest. It was small surf on this day, so these are not biggest wipeouts ever seen.

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Wheelchair MotoCross Rail Jam

Just the Life Rolls On They Will Skate Again event was coming to a close, an unscheduled rail jam started up.



Check out The They Will Skate Again event coverage for more about the adaptive skate Clinics and Contest that went on prior to this rail jam.

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Life Rolls On: They Will Skate Again

Skating the Venice skatepark "clamshells" with a little help from Aaron Fotheringham
Life Rolls On held their annual They Will Skate Again event on Saturday at the Venice Skatepark. This is a free event where individuals with varied levels of mobility can learn to shred the park. It's a full day of activities, there is a pro skate exhibition that basically runs throughout the day, where wheelchair and assisted skateboarding athletes are showing what is possible by throwing down tricks, grinds, and carves on all parts of the skatepark. While that is happening, there are adaptive skate clinics being held, where Top wheelchair-motocross athletes, like Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, are on hand to coach how to safely ride the skatepark. Life Rolls On had all the proper equipment and safety gear available for participants who needed it.


Following the free lunch provided by Chipotle, there was an Adaptive Skate Contest. With contestants from all over the country competing, the crowd got to witness some awesome runs.

"Just need to find someone willing to push me very fast"


Her first time dropping in. She did take a fall, but she got right up and still spent the rest of the day skating. 

Fearless Abel Rose. He is only 2 years old.

Life Rolls On founder Jesse Billauer


As the contest wrapped, and the awards were about to be given out, an epic Wheelchair MotoCross Rail Jam started. More on that here.

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