"Those Folks" Best Trick Skateboard Contest

    On Saturday, August 24,  "Those Folks" held their first skateboard contest at the Venice Beach Skatepark.  A "Best Trick" contest on the 8-stairs/rail section of the park. A small informal fun contest, about a dozen skaters were split into two heats throwing down their best tricks to get into the finals. Leandre Sanders 360 ollied over the rail landing in 2nd place, while Matt Lemond took 3rd, and Jesus Esteban , who won the Bassride Bank-To-Wall Contest a few weeks earlier, chalked up another 1st place. (Scroll down for the video)

Jesus Esteban
Leandre Sanders

Product Toss
  No skate contest is complete without the infamous product toss, and Those Folks did not disappoint, they did two product tosses.  Clothing, sunglasses, shoes, skateboards, and even some trucks were tossed to the crowd. Check out the highlight video posted below.

For some more photos of the contest, check out the:

Matt Lemond

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