US SUP Tour HB Surf Contest

US SUP Tour Stand Up Paddle Surf Contest held on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier on Saturday, March 22, 2014.  The wind and small surf did hurt the contest a bit, but everyone still managed to get some solid runs in. With Pro and Open divisions in both Men and Women categories, it was a full day of surfing, and for some like Izzy Gomez, who entered both divisions, had to compete in continuous heats without a break.

Pro Surf Men Final:
1st Zane Schweiter
2nd Colin McPhillips
3rd Ryan Helm
4th Sean Poynter

Pro Surf Women Final:
1st Emmy Merrill
2nd Izzy Gomez
3rd Candice Appleby
4th Sophia Bartlow

Open Surf Men Final:
1st Kieran Grant
2nd Fisher Grant
3rd Nick Ventresca
4th Chris Gutzeit

Open Surf Women Final:
1st Izzy Gomz
2nd Sarah Messina
3rd Karen Jacobson
4th Avalon Gall

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