Venice Surf-A-Thon

    The 20th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon was held on December 14. At 20 years old, it is the longest running annual surf contest in the Santa Monica Bay area.


It's been a labor of love for contest's founder Ger-I Lewis, who also helped make the famous Venice Beach Skatepark a reality. "I Founded the Venice Surf-A-Thon in 1993 after returning home from military service. I wished to do something for the children, young adults and the community in general that is fun and has a positive influence on everyone" says Ger-I. "For sure back in the day the contest was edgy, as so was I! Instead of handing out trophies at the beach like most contests, I incorporated the awards party to give everyone a chance to shine. Inviting local talent as well." In addition to the awards after party held at a venue off the beach, the early years of the Surf-A-Thon also hosted a bikini contest. "The bikini contest was also a strategy to enhance and create a Venice culture showcase. Well times have changed and folks have mellowed, the bikini contest is no longer a part of the event as many of the original contestants are grandparents now!"

   As in previous years, proceeds from  the contest went to the MLD Elementary School in the Philippines. Unfortunately this year, waves were few and small, but  just enough for everyone to get  a chance to shine.

1st:  Bennet Kelly
2nd: Wes Adler
3rd:  "Wild Bill"
Jr. Mens
1st: Cameron Packem
2nd: Cole Sweeney
3rd: Sal T. Nuts
1st:  Jack
2nd: Jesse
3rd: Bill
1st: Jimmy Valentine
2nd: Jack Jack
3rd: Ronstination
1st: Brock
2nd: Norm Antonio
3rd: Jack Santa Cruz
1st: Tammy Mowery
2nd: Shawana

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