Anything But 3 Surf Contest

2nd Place winner Kyung Seo
       On Saturday, September 14, 2013,  ZJ Boarding House held their second annual Anything But 3 Surf Contest near lifeguard Tower 26 in Santa Monica. An unique surf contest where all the competitors surf on boards provided by ZJ.  A mixed selection of boards that all have either 2, 4, or anything but 3 fins.

    ZJ Boarding House manager Spencer, along co-owner Todd Roberts came up with the idea for the contest, now in it's second year.  "It's a contest more about having fun and trying new stuff", explains Roberts, "You surf your same board everyday, so this is to get you out of your comfort zone, get on a different board, and have some fun." 
        Several groups of surfboards are spread out on the beach, and before every heat begins, each surfer picks a numbered chip out of a pot,  and that number determines from which group of boards the surfer can pick from  to use for that heat. As the surfers advance to the next heat,  they pick a new numbered chip, and  usually ended up with an different group of boards to choose from.

    The contest, open to all ages and skill levels, as well as both male and female surfers, was one of the rare times you such a huge mixture of surfers competing in the same heats.

1 - Rusty White
2 - Kyung Seo
3 - Will Degree
4 - Cole Sweeney
5 - Julie Russel             

      For the complete contest photo gallery of nearly 200 photos, including photos of the practice session before the contest, check out the Anything But 3 Photo Gallery

Check out ZJ Boarding House at http://www.zjboardinghouse.com/

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