Ocean Park 26 Surf Contest

Mens Final  -  Marcus Mclendon

   Back during the last weekend of July, Ocean Park 26 held their annual surf contest at Santa Monica's Tower 26.  A two day contest consisting of  Body Surfing, Boys, Girls, Juniors, Womens, Mens, and Masters divisions, with Qualifiers on Saturdays and Finals on Sunday. This is a recap of the Finals.
Breck Adler
   The contest started off early on this overcast morning with the Body Surf Division, with West Adler, Marcus McLendon and Vytus Bauskauskas taking the top 3 spots in that order. Up next was the Boys Final.  Beck Adler led the pack with several frontsides off the lip into first place. While Kolby  threw a few sweet floaters, it just wasn't enough to beat the waves of Colin White (2nd place) and Harry Fishman (3rd place).

Francesca "Frankie" Seely
  Francesca "Frankie" Seely rode her short board for the first half of the Girls Final, then switch to her long board to finish out the heat with a first place win. Chloe Klienman caught some mini tubes and a second place finish. Third place went to Maddie LoMonaco.  And in her first contest, Quincy Solomon rode out some long waves while doing Saturday Night Fever dance moves.

Maddie LoMonaco, while Quincy Solomon looks for her next wave.
Chloe Klienman
Cameron Packham
    The waves died down a bit as the Juniors started their heat, but Cole SweeneyKenta Elwell and  Matt Hodges were able to throw down some solid turns for the top three spots. Blasting out of the waves and  into fourth was Cameron Packham.

   Luckily the waves picked up a bit as the Women took the stage, with several solid waves Suzy Diaz placed first. Second place Mary Mills seemed to be having the most fun, with switching stances on most waves she got.  Tammy Mowery took third, while Liz Montgomery  got fourth.
Suzy Diaz
Mary Mills
Yves Bright
       The Mens Final saw the most aggressive surfing.   Throwing a few aerials and getting tucked in a  mini tube got Marcus McLendon a third place finish, while Rusty White's hard charging got rewarded with second.  Yves Bright took first with several floaters off the lip.

   There was a couple near collisions during the Masters Final. Sergio Lira and Ben Colvin tied for third. Some very stylish surfing by  Marc Sabatini earned him a second place finish. Getting in several waves with some aggressive surfing,  Donny Wilson earn first place.
Sergio Lira
Marc Sabatini

Everyone enjoying some music by The Ooks Of Hazzard
   The contest wrapped up with an awards ceremony over on the grass area of Ocean Park.  The band  The Ooks Of Hazzard got things underway performing several songs, then contest organizer  Kevin Osborne started calling up the winners to receive their trophies and goodies bag. Designed by local surf artists  Kit Kalionzes and Bob Boreman, the trophies were mini sculptures of lifeguard tower 26.  Each trophy was painted with the actual paint used on the lifeguard towers.

Tower 26 inspired trophies
Jeff Ho

1st Place Girls Francesca "Frankie" Seely

Beck Adler with his Boys 1st Place winnings
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Masters before they head out for their heat.
Charlie Gooding
Dylan Kruger
Antonia Fuller
Ocean Park flag
Julie Gandolfo & Apryl DeLancy

Frank Corona 
Julie Gandolfo barely avoiding Suzy Diaz
Nick Nevarez
Tower 26
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